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The Marketplace enables investment product distributors leverage the state-of-the-art technology to their client’s benefit, providing superior prices,

tailor maid investments and value-added services.

Modelity Marketplace

Our technology enables financial institutions to offer an infinite variety of on-the-fly,

personalized financial products to clients in all segments, including retail categorized clients.

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What We Do?

Provide an infinite variety of on-the-fly, click and trade, tailor-made, and personalized financial products to clients. 

The market place allows you to customize products to fit what is right for your clients, directly from top financial issuers, whilst securing the best price/terms for the product.

This competitive edge is achieved by full automation of all pricing, booking and settlement processes thereby streamlining the creation of financial products.

How We Do It?

By leveraging the operational system of our award-winning technology, the result of several years of development, we are able to fully digitalize the product creation process.

This translated into a much more efficient and low-cost process that translates into much better products to be distributed into the market.

What we do
The personal touch

The Personal Touch

At the Marketplace we understand that for Distribution of investment product the personal touch matters! So, on top of the technology the Marketplace offers an experienced team of financial engineers and analysts that will provide you with:

  • Trade ideas on a timely manner

  • Portfolio tracking and optimization

  • Bespoke product literature (e.g. brochures, subscription forms), Multilanguage 

  • Product optimization and Stress Testing 

  • Compliance compatible pre sales analysis

  • Product life cycle support

Shaking Hands

Fully automating the issuance process is more than just another feature;

it is full-on Market Disruption, resulting in the emergence of a completely new market

Cutting edge technology

Cutting Edge Technology

  • State-of-the art technology and modern design  

  • Web-based and easily deployed  

  • Interfaces to wide range of core banking systems  

  • Award winning analytics capabilities  

  • Full suite of value-added services

Abstract Structure
The team

The Team

                 Asaf Seri

                 Founder & CEO

With over 25 years of experience in both software development and project management, Asaf brings in-depth knowledge of global financial markets and the FinTech industry. Asaf served as the President and COO of Modelity Technologies and has vast experience in leading a software company from its initial stages to turnover of millions of dollars. Asaf graduated from the Israel Defense Forces’ intelligence R&D unit. He holds an MBA in Marketing Management and Strategy and a B.A in Computer Science & Business Administration, both from Tel Aviv University.


                 Ayal Leibowitz

                    Founder & President

Ayal brings over 25 years of IT and software development management experience to his position. Ayal is one of the founders and the CEO of Modelity Technologies. Prior to founding Modelity Technologies, Ayal worked at Virginia-based MainControl. Ayal also counsels to Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) in the Application Performance Management area. Ayal acts as the CIO and member of the Executive Committee at LPA Group, and heads its innovation lab.


                 Roiy Gabzo

                 Chief Commercial Officer

Roiy brings more than 15 years of experience in the fields of financial markets and information technology. In addition to broad financial and capital markets knowledge – particularly in the field of structured products and complex derivatives – Roiy also brings strong technical and product management capabilities. At Modelity, Roiy managed crossed functional teams in the fields of Financial Analytics and Product Management, as well as supporting global sales efforts as a pre-sales engineer. Roiy holds a BA in Economics, and an MBA in Finance and Business Administration, both from Bar-Ilan University.


                 Ido Moneta

                 Chief Product Officer

Ido has more than 13 years of experience working in the FinTech industry. He has an in-depth knowledge of both finance and technology from working in different roles throughout the years. Ido heads the market place project management from its initial steps. Before being appointed to his current position, Ido served in project management positions where he led cross functional projects for Tier 1 banking groups, managed the Israeli client's portfolio. Ido holds a B.A in Economics and business administration from Tel-Aviv University.

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